1. Vice-Chancellor:Chairman

Professor Ranjan Chakrabarti

2. Dean Faculty Council for Postgraduate Studies in Science :

Prof. Subrata Kumar De, Dean (Acting)

3. Dean Faculty Council for Postgraduate Studies in Arts & Commerce :

Prof. Damodar Mishra, Dean (Acting)

4. Two (02) Teacher participating in Postgraduate teaching in the subject or subjects concerned elected by the member of the Faculty Council for Postgraduate studies :
a) Vacant
b) Vacant
5. Ten (10) teachers of affiliated colleges imparting teaching in Arts, Science and Commerce of whom one shall belogs to a teachers training college or other professional college, if any elected by the teachers of such colleges:
a) Vacant
b) Vacant
c) Vacant
d) Vacant
e) Vacant
f) Vacant
g) Vacant
h) Vacant
i) Vacant
j) Vacant
6. i) Dr. Asim Kumar Bera, Principal, Mahishadal Raj College
ii) Dr. Jayashree Laha, Principal, Raja N. L. Khan Women's College
iii) Dr. Manabendra Mondal, Principal, Belda College
iv) Dr. Ashis Kumar Gupta, Principal, Sevayatan Sikshan Mahavidyalaya
7. Two (02) persons having special knowledge in the subject or subjects concerned nominated by the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor
a) Professor Subrata Mukherjee, Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Jadavpur University, Kolkata
b) Professor Suhrita Saha, Professor, Dept. of Sociology, Presidency University, Kolkata