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Name Dr. Basudev Mandal
Designation Assistant Professor ( On Contract )
Office Phone No 03222-276554 Extn. 486
Email ID
Fax 03222-275329
Mobile No 9434185409
Personal Website
Address Dept. of Aquaculture , Vidyasagar University
Educational Qualification
Degree NameInstituteYear of passing/awarded
Ph.DVidyasagar University2003
B.EdVidyasagar University2000
M.ScVidyasagar University1998

Career Profile / Teaching Experience
Part-time Lecturer, Deptt. of Zoology, Sabang S.K. Mahavidyalaya, Sabang, Paschim Medinipur since 1998 to 2006
Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Aquaculture Management and Technology, Vidyasagar University, Paschim Medinipur since 2006 to till date

Specialization/Research Area
Field of SpecializationResearch Area/ Areas of Interest
Aquatic Biology and Aquaculture
Aquaculture productivity

Course/ Subject Taught
Aquaculture productivity
Fisheries Technology
Fish anatomy

Conference/ Symposium /Journal Paper / Books Published
International Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Seasonal variation of plankton in the brackish water-fed canal and their role in fish productionInternational Journal of Advanced Biological Research, 3 (3): 397-4042013Ethiopia
Crafts and gears operated in brackish water fed canal for harvesting fishes in different seasons to maintain livelihood of the fishermen communitiesInternational Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3(9): 1-72013Madhaya Pradesh
Control of heavy metal pollution through application of bioremediation for sustainable aquafarmingOpen Access Scientific Report: 1 (10: 1-5. )2012OSMIC Group, USA
Freshwater ornamental fish farming as a tool for socioeconomic development of backward women Self-Help Groups (SHG’s) to restore livelihood security.International Journal of Advanced Biological Research, 2 (1): 95-982012Ethiopia
Live fish food culture as a contrivance for ornamental fish farming to restore the environmental health as well as the upliftment of socio economic status of backward rural peoplesProceedings of the International Seminar on ‘Managing Development in Developing Countries’,during 27th – 31st March, 2012 at Bangkok, Thailand; pp 127-134.2012Thailand
Studies on the breeding of Pangasius sutchi (Fowler) using different inducing agentsJournal of Applied Aquaculture; 23 : 32- 40.2011Taylor & Francis,USA
Growth performance of Indian Major Carps in abandoned and unproductive china clay mines of India: A new approachAsian Journal of Science and Technology , 1 (4): 072-0742011Bulgaria
Comparative studies on biochemical composition and organoleptic quality of Indian major carps reared in newly developed china clay mines: A breakthroughJournal of Current Research, 5 : 001 – 0052010Brazil
Quality assurance of fishfinger with special emphasis on microbial effectAsian Journal of Science and Technology , 3 : 055 – 0602010Bulgaria
Comparative studies on primary productivity of sewage fed freshwater fishpond in relation to production efficiency of phytoplanktonInternational Journal of Science and Nature, 1(1): 89-942010Ethiopia
Restoration of soil and water quality of abandoned china clay mines of West Bengal for fish productionProceedings of the International Conference,pp. 11-18.2009Agriculture and Food Engineering Deptt. IIT, Kharagpur, West Bengal, India
Probiotic farming and biosecurity management for sustainable brackish water shrimp farmingProceedings of the International Seminar,. pp. 62-65.2009PG Deptt. of Zoology, Raja N.L. Khan Womens’ College, Midnapore, West Bengal
Possibilities of sustainable aquaculture practice in abandoned china clay mines of West Bengal, IndiaResearch Journal of Fisheries and Hydrobiology,3(2), 36-402008INSInet Publication
Comparative study of growth, production and survivility of Catla catla (Ham.) through Nitrifying and Denitrifying bacterial suspensionAquacult. 5 (1): 31-422004Society of Aquacult

National Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Present Status and Prospects of Black Tiger Shrimp Farming: A Case Study in Maritime State of West Bengal.Perspective in Animal Ecology and Reproduction (Vol. 10),pp 83-102.2014M/S Daya Publishing House, New Delhi
Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Amblypharyngodon mola (Hamilton, 1822)Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research,32 (1): 54-58.2014Kolkata
Application of Oxadiargyl solutions for Control of duckweed (Lemna minor) in freshwater aquaculture pond.Indian Journal of Biological Sciences; 20: 8-12.2014Vidyasagar University
Remedial measures of chronic arsenicosis in Rahu (Labeo rohita, Hamilton) through dietary application of metal chelatorsIndian Journal of Animal Health, 52 (2): 83-90.2013WBUAFS
Length-Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Puntius sophore (Hamilton, 1822) Collected from Kolkata and Sub Urban Fish MarketsEnvironment and Ecology, 31 (3): 1255-1259.2013Bihar
Studies on the availability of different small indigenous species in the market of Purba Medinipur district and an attempt to captive breeding of a threatened fish species Nandus nandus.Recent advances in post harvest management and practices,pp. 249-2712013New Delhi
Indigenous knowledge associated with conservation of chocolate Mahseer (Neolissocheilus hexagonolepis) by the War-jaintia community practiced in MeghalayaIndian Journal of Biological Science; 18: 41-47.2012Vidyasagar University
Comparative studies on growth, dietary utilization and survivality of tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) with two different commercially available feed.Perspective in Animal Ecology and Reproduction. (Vol 9) ,8: 203-2342012M/S Daya Publishing House, New Delhi
Use of Supplementary Feed for Sustainable Inland Aqua Farming: A Case Study.Perspective in Animal Ecology and Reproduction (Vol 8),pp.146-172.2010M/S Daya Publishing House, New Delhi
Application of “Participatory Rural Appraisal” technique for critical analysis of micro-farming situations in traditional pond fishery of a selected village in West Midnapore districtIndian Journal of Biological Science,17: 06-14.2010Vidyasagar University
Control of Eichhornia crassipes through application of gramoxone 24% s.l. paraquat-dichloride and its impact on fishIndian Journal of Biological Science, 15: 12 – 17.2009Vidyasagar University
Review on Genotoxic Response of Freshwater fin fishes.Journal of Interacad, 12 (4) : 588 - 591.2008Kalyani University
Aquacultural possibility and Economic viability in the pits of china clay mines of West Bengal, India: A BreakthroughProceedings of the Sixth Indian Fisheries Forum,pp.19-332006AFSIB, Mangalore and IFA, Mumbai
Application of Biotechnological tools for aquaculture practices in the pits (Khadan) of abandoned china clay minesBiotechnology in Environmental Management, pp. 313-324.2005A.P.H.Publishing Corporation, New Delhi

Other Publication

Books Published

Ph. D. Thesis Guidence
Ongoing / Submitted Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Manojit NandiStudies on enhancing bio-availability of poultry manure through mushroom culture for sustainable freshwater aquacultureDr. P.K.Das, Associate Professor,Dept. of Vetenary Science, WBUAFSOngoing2016
Pijush PayraStudies on ecobiodiversity of negua diversion canal of Purba Medinipur district with special reference to fish productionDr. Ganesh Ch. Rana,Dy. Registrar, Vidyasagar UniversityOngoing2016
Arunima SilStudies on the usability of Polygonum spp in aquacultureDr. S. Dutta, Senior Scientist,CIFE, Kolkata Center (ICAR)Ongoing2016
Mirza Masum BegFarming of Indian major carps through the organic and conventional input management practices Ongoing2015
Subasish MukherjeeEffect of functional aquafeed on growth performance, nutrient utilization and modulation of gut microflora of brackish water fishesDr. D. Dey,Senior Scientist,CIBA,Kakdwip research centerOngoing2015
Utsab MaityComparative studies on natural and induced breeding of Trichogaster trichopterus (Gourami) in low saline hard water and rain water Ongoing2015
Monalisha PaulStudies on the Feeding and Reproductive Biology of two Small Indigenous Fish Species: the Mourala, Amblypharyngodon mola and the Punti, Puntius sophore.Dr. B.K Mohapatra, Incharge, CIFE, Kolkata Center(ICAR)Ongoing2014

Project Work

Completed Project Works
Project titleWorked asFunding AgencyAmount in Rs.Duration in yearsPeriod
Year to Year
Development of live fishfood to promote growth and production of freshwater ornamental fishes.Principal InvestigatorUGC1450002 year20102012
Development of a model for sustainable backward poultry farm (Integrated farming)Co Principal InvestigatorUGC176001003 year20102013

Invited Lectures 
TitleOrganized byVenueYear
Management and practices of aquaculture with emphasis on ornamental fish farmingGarhbeta College, Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur.Dept. of Zoology, Garhbeta College, Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur2014
Prospect of Ornamental Fish Farming in Paschim Medinipur Districtof NSS Unit No. V, Vidyasagar UniversityKhairullachawk High School, Midnapore, Paschim Medinipur2014
Disease Management of Fresh water ornamental fishNSS Unit No. VI, Vidyasagar UniversityDept. of Santali, Vidyasagar University2014
Development of Database and Strengthening Professional LinkagesCIFE, Kolkata Centre (ICAR, Ministry of Agr. Govt. of India)Conference Hall, CIFE, Kolkata2014
ORNAMENTAL FISH BREEDING AND MANAGEMENTWBCADC, Govt. of West BengalKelomal, Tamluk, Purba Medinipur2011
ORNAMENTAL FISH CULTURERaja N.L. Khan Women’s College, Midnapore, Paschim Medinipur in collaboration with WBCADC, Govt. of West BengalGope Palace, Raja N.L. Khan Women’s College, Midnapore, Paschim Medinipur2011
ORNAMENTAL FISH CULTURE MANAGEMENTWBCADC, Govt. of West BengalBDO office, Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur2010
ORNAMENTAL FISH CULTURE FOR SHG’sGarhbeta College, Garhbeta, Paschim MedinipurDept. of Zoology, Garhbeta College, Garhbeta, Paschim Medinipur2010
FISH PROCESSING TECHNOLOGYWBCADC, Govt. of West BengalDalapatipur, Debra, Paschim Medinipur2010
ORNAMENTAL FISH REARING AND MANAGEMENTRaja N.L. Khan Women’s College, Midnapore, Paschim MedinipurGope Palace, Raja N.L. Khan Women’s College, Midnapore, Paschim Medinipur2010

Membership of Learned Society 
1.Life Member, Society for Applied Biotechnology, 1/115, Puliyur, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu – 635201, India.
2.Life Member, The Indian Science Congress Association, 14- Biresh Guha Street, Kolkata- 17
3.Life Member, Paschim Banga Bigyan Mancha

Association with Professional Bodies
Type of Professional ActivityPeriod
Jt. Secretary, VUTA2013 to 2014
Jt. Secretary, VUTA2014 to 2014
Member, PG BOS and Ph.D. Committee2014 to 2014

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended/Organised

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended

Title of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopYearRoleHeld at and Organiser
ACCESS TO JUSTICE FOR WOMEN-ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES2013ParticipantWomen Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University
Managing development in developing countries2012SpeakerMontein Riverside Hotel at Bangkok, Thailand
WOMEN’S HEALTH: RECENT TRENDS IN RESEARCH2011ParticipantWomen Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University
APPLICATION OF ADVANCE TECHNIQUES IN BIOMEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE2011ParticipantDepartment of Bio-Medical Science and Management, Vidyasagar University
NON-ANIMAL SCIENCE TEACHING AND RESEARCH2011ParticipantDepartment of Zoology, Vidyasagar University
Teaching Methodologies in Higher Education2010ParticipantKharagpur College, Inda, Kharagpur, Paschim Medinipur
Quality Assurance in Reaccredited Institution2010ParticipantVidyasagar University
Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education across the Discipline2010ParticipantVidyasagar University
Academic Administrators: an Entrepreneur and Incubator of Ideas2009ParticipantVidyasagar University
Proposal for the Restructuring of UG Courses and Evaluation System Reforms2009ParticipantVidyasagar University
Modern Trends in Biological Sciences2009ParticipantRaja N. L. Khan Womens’ Gope palace
Food Security and Environmental Sustainability2009SpeakerIIT, Kharagpur

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Organised

Title of the Conference/Seminar/WorkshopYearRole in the EventFunding Agency
Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education across the Discipline2010OrganizerUGC

Award NameAwarded ByYear
Fellow Awards 2011Society for Applied Biotechnology, 1/115, Puliyur, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu – 635201, India.2011

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