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Name Dr. Satyajit Saha
Designation Professor , Head
Office Phone No 03222-276554 Extn. 439
Email ID
Fax -
Mobile No 9233371951
Personal Website
Address Department of Physics & Technophysics, Vidyasagar University,
Educational Qualification
Degree NameInstituteYear of passing/awarded
PhDIIT Kharagpur1991
MScIIT Kharagpur1984

Career Profile / Teaching Experience
Professor, Department of Physics and Technophysics, Vidyasagar University since June,1998

Specialization/Research Area
Field of SpecializationResearch Area/ Areas of Interest
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Thin films of semiconducting materials for device fabrication
Characterization of optical Wave guide based on Ion Exchange
Interactin of nanoparticles with protein
Solar Cell Fabrication Based on nanoparticles

Course/ Subject Taught
Solid State Physics General
Solid state Physics Special
Semiconductor Physics
Semiconductor Devices
Molecular Spectroscopy and Laser Physics
Science of Universe (C.B.C.S)

Conference/ Symposium /Journal Paper / Books Published
International Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Biomedical Response and Different Applications of Magnetic NanomaterialsCurrent Trends in Biomedical Engineering & Biosciences ,6(2),001-0052018Juniper Publishers , Newbury Park, CA 91320, USA
Fabrication and Characterization of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell using Chemically Grown ZnS NanoparticlesJournal of Nanoscience and Technology,4(5)483-4862018JACS Directory
Investigation of structural and electrical properties of ZnS and Mn doped ZnS nanoparticleMaterial Today: Proceeding 20172018ELSEVIER
Fabrication and characterization of Au/n-CdTe Schottky barrier under illumination and darkApplied Physics A, 124:287, (2018)2018Springer
Biosynthesis and characterization of Thevetia peruviana leaf extract capped CdTe nanoparticles in photoconductive and photovoltaic applicationsMaterials Today: Proceedings,Elsevier, 5(2),1,3476–3485, (2018)2018Elsevier
Structural and Optical Characterization of CdS Nanoparticles Grown in Different SolventsJournal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Volume 13 Issue 2 Pages 12-172018IOSR
Binding of Lysozyme on the Surface of ZnS Nanoparticles: Spectroscopic, Microscopic Study and Interaction PhenomenonJournal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2017, 9(6):20-252017JOCPR
AC and DC electrical conductivity, dielectric and magnetic properties of Co0.65Zn0.35Fe2- xMoxO4 (x = 0.0, 0.1 and 0.2) ferritesApplied Physics A (2017) 123:7152017Springer
The effect of Mo doping on the structural and dielectric properties of Co-Zn ferritePhysica B: Condensed Matter 525, 1-62017Elsevier
Impedance spectroscopy and electric modulus behavior of Molybdenum doped Cobalt–Zinc ferriteMaterials Research Express 4 (7), 0761072017IOP
TEMPERATURE AND FREQUENCY DEPENDENT ELECTRICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF ZnO NANOCRYSTALSWorld journal of pharmaceutical and medical research 3,128-1312017wjmpr
Fabrication and Characterization of Natural Dye Sensitized Solar Cell based on CdSe nanorodsIOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP),9 (Issue 6 Ver.III), 22-272017IOSR
Fabrication of CdTe/Si heterojunction solar cellApplied Nanoscience, 6:1037–1042, (2016)2016Springer
Influence of Growth Time in the Formation of CdTe Nanostructure.Nano Vision 6 (1), 1-92016Duke University Press
Photo Relaxation Change and Emission Quenching in Different Sizes of PbS-Nanoparticles-Protein CoronaChemistrySelect 1 (18), 5768-57782016WILEY
Fabrication and Characterization of Zn-doped CdTe nanoparticles based Dye sensitized solar cellsJournal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,11(6), 11-18, (2016)2016IOSR-JEEE
Effect of growth temperature in the formation of CdS nanoparticlesInternational journal of research in applied,natural and social sciences 4(2016)37-402016Impact jOURNALS
Phase Controling in the Synthesis of TiO2 Nanostructures by Little Variation of Reaction ConditionsInternational Journal of Applied and Natural Sciences (IJANS) ISSN(P): 2319-4014; ISSN(E): 2319-4022 Vol. 5, Issue 2, Feb Mar 2016; 1-82016IASET
Composition Dependent Structural and Optical Properties of Nanocrystallites ZnxCd1-XSPhysical Science International Journal, Vol 10(4): 1-6, 2016.2016Science Domain
Temperature dependent and kinetic study of the adsorption of bovine serum albumin to ZnO nanoparticle surfacesChemistrySelect 1 (2872-2882)2016WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
Optical and Structural Properties of Protein Capped ZnO Nanoparticles and Its Antimicrobial ActivityJournal of Advances in Biology & Biotechnology 10(1): 1-9, 2016; Article no.JABB.29622016SCIENCEDOMAIN international
Biocompatibility study of protein capped and uncapped silver nanoparticles on human hemoglobinJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics 48 (23), 2353052015IOP
Unfolding of blood plasma albumin protein in interaction with CdS nanoparticlesScience of Advanced Materials ,6(56-62)2014American Scientific Publishers
Reflective vertical cavity quantum-well saturable absorber as an all-optical nonlinear phase-shifting elementJOSA B 31 (12), 2956-29642014OSA
Safety concerns towards the biomedical application of PbS nanoparticles: An approach through protein-PbS interaction and corona formationAppl. Phys. Lett. 104, 123703 (2014)2014AIP
All-Optical 2R Regeneration With Contrast Enhancement in a Reflective Vertical Cavity Quantum-Wells Saturable AbsorberJournal of Optical Communications and Networking 5 (5), 457-4642013OSA & IEEE
ZnO nanoparticle-protein interaction: Corona formation with associated unfoldingAppl. Phys. Lett. 103, 143701 (2013)2013AIP
Dispersive bi-stability in a vertical microcavity-based saturable absorber due to photo–thermal effect and initial phase-detuningOptics Communications 287, 203-2092013Elsevier
GROWTH AND CHARACTERIZATION OF CdTe NANOSTRUCTURES GROWN BY CHEMICAL REDUCTION ROUTEInternational Journal of Metallurgical & Materials Science and Engineering (IJMMSE) 3(1), 37-40, (2013)2013IJMMSE
Schottky Barrier of Al on Chemically Grown n-CdSe NanoparticlesLecture notes in information technology,22,772012IERI
Effect of saturable index change on all-optical logic operations in a passive vertical cavity semiconductor saturable absorberIET optoelectronics 5 (2), 77-822011IEE
Effect of reducing agent in the formation of CdSe nanoparticles by chemical reduction routePhysica B: Condensed Matter 406 (4), 981-9842011Elsevier
Growth time dependence of size of nanoparticle of ZnSInt J Soft Comput Eng 5, 23-262011Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Optical properties of ZnO nanoparticles prepared by chemical method using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as capping agentInternational Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering 1, 19-242011BEIESP
Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanoparticlesJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics,22,1761-17652011SPRINGER US
Synthesis and characterization of CdS nanoparticlesJournal of Materials Science:Materials in Electronics 22 (12), 1761-17652011 Wiley
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Role of reducing agent in the formation of ZnSe nanorods by chemical reduction methodThe European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 51 (3)2010European physical society
STRUCTURAL, OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF CdSe NANOPARTICLESChalcogenide Letters 6 (9), 477-4822009National Institute of Materials Physics,
High frequency characterization and continuum modeling of ultrathin high-k(ZrO2) gate dielectrics on strained SilliconThin Solid Films,504,183-1872006Elsevier
Physico-chemical and electrical properties of rapid thermal oxApplied Surface Science,253,1323-13292006Elsevier
Rapid thermal oxidation of Ge-rich (Si)1-x(Ge)x hetrolayersJ.Vac.Sci.Technol.A,24,84-902005American Vacuum Society
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On the mechanism of long-term relaxation in polycrystalline Cadmium Telluride and Zinc Telluride filmsSemicond.Sci.Technology,5,4291990IOP
X-ray and electron microscopic determination of Debye characteristic temperature, stacking fault energy and other microstructural parameters in zinc telluride filmsZeitschrift für Kristallographie-Crystalline Materials 193 (1-4), 33-461990De Gruyter; Abbreviation: Z Kristallogr Cryst Mater;
Some Optical Properties of Evaporated Zinc Telluride filmsJ.Phys.D:Appl.Phys,22,965-9701989IOP
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Structural Characterization of thin films of Cadmium TellurideThin Solid Films 164 (1988), 851988Elsevier

National Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Transition from CdSe Nanoparticles to CdSe nanorods with Growth TimeJournal of Physical Science,22,115-1222017Vidyasagar University
Morphological Properties and Raman Spectroscopy of ZnO NanorodsJournal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 21, 111-1182016Vidyasagar University
Structural, Optical and Optoelectrical Study of ZnS Nanoparticles by Varying Reducing Agent in Chemical Reduction RouteJournal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 21, 167-175, 2016.2016Vidyasagar Universit
Interaction of CdTe Nanorods with Bovine Serum AlbuminJournal of Physical Sciences, 21, 153-160 , (2016)2016Journal of Physical Sciences
Chemical Growth of Spherical Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Structural, Optical PropertiesJournal of Physical Sciences,20( 205-212)2015Vidyasagar University
Optical Properties of PbS Nanoparticles Grown by Chemical Reduction RouteJournal of Physical Science;Vol. 20 [2015]2015Vidyasagar University
Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO NanoparticlesJournal of Physical Sciences,19(109-114)2014Vidyasagar University
Synthesis of Fe2O3 Nanoparticles and Study of its Structural, Optical PropertiesJournal of physical science 15, 191-1952013Journal of physical science
Growth of PbS Nano Particles and its Effect on ProteinJournal of Physical Sciences, Vol. 16, 2012, 217-2192012Vidyasagar University
Growth of CdS nanoparticles by chemical method and its characterizationPramana 71 (1), 187-1922008Pramana
Effect of annealing on structural and electrical properties of thin films of PbSJournal of Physical Sciences 9,31-372004Vidyasagar University
Microstructural Characterization Of Thin Films Of CopperJournal of physical sciences,7,24-312001Vidyasagar University
Optical characterization of GaP and Ge crystalJournal of Physical Science,6,14-202000Vidyasagar University

Other Publication

Books Published

Ph. D. Thesis Guidence

Awarded Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Kamal BeraGrowth,Characterization and Applications of ZnS nanostructures Awarded2018
Amit Manna“Growth and Characterization of CdSe Nanostructured material for Device Applications and its interaction with Protein”Dr.S.C.SahaAwarded2018
A.K.BhuniaInteraction of Nanoparticles with Common Blood Plasma Protein and Human HemoglobinDr. T.KamilyaAwarded2018
Swades Ranjan BeraSynthesis and Characterization of nanostructured CdTe materials for Solar cell fabrication and biomolecular interaction Awarded2018
Rajib PradhanModeling of vertical cavity semiconductor saturable absorber for all-optical device applicationsProf. P.K. DattaAwarded2018
Tapan Kumar DasGrowth and characterization of ZnSe Nanomaterials for Device Applications and Biomolecule Interaction Awarded2017
Rahul BhattacharyaFabrication and Characterization CdS Nanostructures Awarded2016
Ratan DasStudies on Si-Ge Heterolayer for microelectronic applicationsProf.C.K.MaityAwarded2009
Milon Kumar BeraStudies of High-k Dielectrics on Strained-Si for Heterostructure MOSFET ApplicationsProf. C.K.MaityAwarded2006

Project Work

Completed Project Works
Project titleWorked asFunding AgencyAmount in Rs.Duration in yearsPeriod
Year to Year
Synthesis,Functionalization of metalnanoparticles and their interaction with proteinsPrincipal InvestigatorUGC1000002 year20152017
Blood plasma protein-inorganic material/nanoparticle interaction and bioconjugate formationPrincipal investigatorUGC1950002 year20122015
Growth of (Bi2S3)1-x(CdS)x thin films and its characterizationPrincipal investigatorUGC150002 year19992001

Membership of Learned Society 

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended/Organised

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended

Title of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopYearRoleHeld at and Organiser
9th Vidyasagar-Satyendranath Bose National Workshop 2018 on Science of Materials:Challenges and Prospects(SMCP-2018)2018Paper PresentationVidyasagar University,Midnapore (January17-19,2018)Department of Physics,Vidyasagar University
Seminar on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Madam Curie2017INVITED TALKNarajole Raj College, Department of Physics,Narajole Raj College
ICEM 20172017Paper PresentationVidyasagar University, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
One -Day Workshop On Exotic Plasma and Material Science2016INVITED TALKH.B.Sarkar Memorial Hall, Kharagpur College,Kharagpur. Department of Physics,Kharagpur College.
TAAM 20162016Paper PresentationVidyasagar University, Department of Physics and Technophysics,Vidyasagar University
CMDAYS132013Paper presentationDepartment of Physics National Institute of technology Rourkela- 769 008 Orissa Dates: 29, 30, 31 August-2013
SPPS -2013 (Structural and Physical Properties of Solids)2013Paper presentationIndian School of Mines(ISM), Dhanbad –826004,Jharkhand November 18th-20th,2013
SOPO-20132013Paper presentationBeijing,China
SOPO-20122012Paper presentationShanghai,China IEEE
AMST-2012 (Advanced in material Science and Technologies-20122012Paper presentationDepertment of physics, Kakatiya University, Waranle, Andhra (19-21) November 2012
National Seminar On Solid State Spectroscopy2001Paper PresentationSri Venkateswara University,Tirupati (29-31 August,2001) Department of Physics,Sri Venkateswara University
International conference on computers and devices for communication1998Paper PresentationScience City,Calcutta.(January 13-17) Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Organised

Title of the Conference/Seminar/WorkshopYearRole in the EventFunding Agency
NATD-20172017Joint ConvenerSNBNCBS,Kolkata,DST & UGC,New Delhi
TAAM-20162016Joint ConvenerSNBNCBS,Kolkata ,DST & UGC, New Delhi
PLDS-20152015Member Of Advisory CommitteeSNBNCBS,Kolkata,DST & UGC New Delhi
PAOMP-20142014Vice chairmanSNBNCBS,Kolkata,DST & CSIR,New Delhi
EDMM-20132013ConvenerSNBNCBS,Kolkata,DST & UGC, New Delhi

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