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Name Dr. Brajaballav Pal
Designation Associate Professor
Department Name COMMERCE
Office Phone No +91 3222 298-423 / Centrex Extn. 423
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Mobile No 8900163078
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Address Department of Commerce, Vidyasagar University, Midnapur 721102
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Educational Qualification              
Degree NameInstituteYear of passing/awarded
Career Profile / Teaching Experience        
Specialization/Research Area
Field of SpecializationResearch Area/ Areas of Interest
Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Course/ Subject Taught 
Conference/ Symposium /Journal Paper / Books Published
International Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Innovation and Business Sustainability (IBS):Empirical Evidence from Indian PharmaceuticalIndustry (IPI)AIEDAM; Volume 33, Special Issue 2 (Knowledge Engineering and Management Applied to Innovation) May 2019 , pp. 117-128, Print ISSN:: 08900604 E-ISSN:146917602019Cambridge University Press
Searching a Model for Better Health Service to the Rural Indian: A Comparative Study on PPP and Private Diagnostic Centers in West Bengal with Special Reference to Purba Midnapore DistrictInternational Journal of Management Studies; Vol. 5, Special Issue No.3, August 2018;pp.67-77, ISSN(Print) 2249-0302 ISSN (Online)2231-25282018ERM Publications
“IMPACT OF HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE MEASURES ON PRODUCTIVITY: A STUDY ON THE TEA WORKERS OF PARTNERSHIP TEA ESTATES IN TERAI REGION OF WEST BENGAL”Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR); Vol 7, Issue 8, August 2018 ; pp. 15-32; ISSN: 2278-48532018TRANS Asian Research Journals
DOES PERFORMANCE OF BANK AFFECTED BY INTEREST INCOME? A STUDY ON INDIAN BANKS WITH REFERENCE TO STATE BANK OF INDIA & ITS ASSOCIATESAsian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR); Vol 7, Issue 8, August 2018 ; pp.193-201,ISSN: 2278-48532018TRANS Asian Research Journals
“A CRITICAL STUDY ON IMPACT OF HEALTH, SAFETY, WELFARE MEASURES ON PRODUCTIVITY OF TEA WORKERS OF PROPRIETORSHIP TEA ESTATES IN TERAI REGION OF WEST BENGALInternational Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature ISSN (P): 2347-4564; ISSN (E): 2321-8878 Vol. 6, Issue 8, Aug 2018, 277-2922018Impact Journals
A Study on Financial Inclusion in Rural India by Regional Rural BanksInternational Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & Management, Vol. 7, Issue No. 03, March, 2017 & pp. 54-58, ISSN 2231-5756.2017IJRCM, Haryana, India
Association between Corporate Governance and Environmental Reporting: A Study on Selected Indian CompaniesInternational Journal of Business and Administration Research Review, Vol. No.2, Issue No. 16, Oct-Dec 2016& pp.54-60, ISSN No.2348-06532016SLAA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD., BANGALORE; INDIA
Performance Evaluation of Selected Equity-based Mutual Fund Schemes in India: An Analysis of Quarterly ReturnsIJBARR;Vol.No.1;Issue No.7;Page235-241;Oct-Dec.2014; ISSN-2348-06532014SLAA PUBLICATIONS PVT. LTD., BANGALORE; INDIA
Capital Structure and Profitability: A Study on Some Selected Cement CompaniesInternational Journal of Research in Commerce, IT and Management (IJRCM); Vol. No. 3 (2013); Issue No. 07 (July)2013IJRCM ISSN No. 2231-5756
FDI in Multi-Brand Retailing: Opportunities and Threats for Rural IndiaInnovative Journal of Business and Management (IJBM); Vol. No. 2(2013); Issue No. 06(Nov. –Dec.)2013IJBM ISSN No. 2277-4947

National Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Nexus between Managerial Compensation and Financial Performance, Size of the Firm & Risk of Indian Manufacturing Companies: A Study on Automobile CompaniesJournal of Social Welfare and Management, April - June 2019 Volume 11 Number 2, pp. 65-732019Red Flowers Publication Pvt. Ltd.
A Study on Lending Concentration of Indian Public Sector Banks to the Sensitive SectorsIndian Journal of Accounting, Vol.XLIX, No. 01, June, 2017,pp. 41-47, ISSN-0972-1479(PRINT), ISSN-2395-6127(ONLINE)2017Indian Journal of accounting, India
Effect of Capital Market Exposure on The Non-Performing Assets of The Private Sector Banks in IndiaIndian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies, Vol. VIII, Special Issue, September 2017,pp. 66-72 ISSN -2249-03102017ERM Publications, Maharashtra, India
Does Research & Development (R&D) Activities Impact Financial Performance? An Empirical Study Based on Selected Multinational (MNC) Pharmaceutical Companies Operating in IndiaPresidency Journal of management Thought & Research, Vol. VII, No.2, 2016, July-December 2017, pp.39-63, ISSN 2229-5275.2017PJMTR, Centre for Management Studies, Presidency College, Bangalore, India
Trade Openness, FDI in Pharmaceutical Industry and Economic Growth: A Time Series AnalysisPresidency Journal of management Thought & Research, Vol. VI, No.1, 2016, January- June2016,Page. 34-47; ISSN 2229-5275;PP2016PJMTR, Centre for Management Studies, Presidency College, Bangalore, India
Trade Openness, Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence from IndiaAdhyayan, Vol. 6, No. 2, Dec, 2016 & pp.26-33 ISSN: 2249-1066.2016School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, India
Are Research & Development (R&D) Activities Dynamic in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry? An Empirical StudyDynamic Evolution of Management Paradigm (Edited Book), pp. 250-269 (ISBN: 978-93-5265-325-6)2016Vidyasagar University
Financial Inclusion in India: An OverviewFinancial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth (Edited Book), pp. 56-71 (ISBN: 978-93-5258-522-9)2016Vidyasagar University
Role of Digital Banking in India's Financial Inclusion: An Empirical StudyFinancial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth (Edited Book), pp. 247-263 (ISBN: 978-93-5258-522-9)2016Vidyasagar University
Pharmaceutical Marketing & Product Promotion: A Paradigm Shift in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (IPI)Adhyayan, Vol. 5, No. 2, Dec, 2015 & pp.27-40, ISSN: 2249-1066.2015School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, India

Other Publication

Books Published
Title of the BookPublished byYearRole
Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth (ISBN: 978-93-5258-522-9)Department of Commerce, Vidyasagar University2016Author
Dynamic Evolution of Management Paradigm (ISBN: 9789352653256)Department of Business Administration,Vidyasagar University2016Author
Financial Sector Reforms in Developing Economies (ISBN: 9788192872117)Department of Commerce, Vidyasagar University2015Author
Financial Sector Reforms in Developing Economies (ISBN: 9788192872117)Department of Commerce with Farm Management, V.U.2015Editor
Ph. D. Thesis Guidance
Ongoing / Submitted Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Poulomi RoyManagerial Compensation and Financial Performance in NSE Listed Manufacturing Companies in India: An Empirical StudyN.A.Ongoing2019
Ramranjan RouthCorporate Governance Disclosures by Indian Listed Companies: A Comparative Study between Manufacturing and Service SectorN.A.Ongoing2019
Subhajit PahariImpact of Health, Safety, Welfare on Productivity of Workers: A Study on Selected Estates in Terai Region of West BengalDr. Debasish BiswasOngoing2018
Aparna ChakrabortyHardiness and locus of control as the moderator of role stress among doctors..a case study in 24 parganas northDr. Debasish BiswasOngoing 
Oindrila BanerjeeA Study into CSR Expenditure and its Reporting Practices of Selected Indian Companies Prof. Arindam Gupta Ongoing 

Awarded Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Saswata ChoudhuryPerformance Measurement of Domestic Commercial Banks in India with respect to Exposure to Capital MarketProf. Purnendu Sekhar Das (Retd.), Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT, KGPAwarded2019
Mithun NandyImpact of Research and Development (R & D) Activities of listed Indian Pharmaceutical Companies on their Financial Performance: An Empirical StudyN.A.Awarded2019
Invited Lectures 
TitleOrganized byVenueYear
Motivations for Corporate Environmental Reporting: Examining the TheoriesSustainability of Environment and Prevention cum Management of Disaster with Special Reference to IndiaDepartment of Commerce & Geography, Dr. Kanailal Bhattacharyya College, Howrah2016
Market SurveysEgra SSB College, Purba MedinipurEgra College2013
Membership of Learned Society 
Member, Indian Accounting Association, Kolkata Branch
Member, Indian Accounting Association Research Foundation
Member,Indian Commerce Association
Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended/Organised

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended

Title of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopYearRoleHeld at and Organiser
International Conference on " Business Practices and Sustainability (ICOBUS- 2019)"2019Paper Presenter, Nexus between Managerial Compensation and Financial Performance of Indian Manufacturing Companies: A Study on Pharmaceutical CompaniesDepartment of Commerce with Farm Management; Vidyasagar University
Global Business: Emerging Issues and Challenges2019Paper Presenter, Study on the Effect of Priority Sector Advances on the NPAs of Indian Domestic Commercial BanksKIIT, Bhubaneswar.
Global Business: Emerging Issues and Challenges2019Paper Presenter, Impact of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs), Interest Income and Age of the Banks on Financial Performance in Indian BanksKIIT, Bhubaneswar.
Contemporary Issues on Accounting, Banking and Finance2018Paper PresenterDepartment of Commerce,Pingla Thana Mahavidyalaya, PaschimMedinipur
Development of Backward Regions with Special Reference to Poverty, Inequality and Non-Farm Employment in West Bengal2018Paper PresenterDepartment of Economics with Rural Development, Vidyasagar University

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Organised

Title of the Conference/Seminar/WorkshopYearRole in the EventFunding Agency
Research and Innovation in Finance2018Organizing SecretaryUGC
Emerging Issues in Accounting and Finance2017Member, Organising CommitteeUGC
Research Methodology Workshop2017Member,Organising CommitteeUGC
Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth2016Member, Organising CommitteeUGC
Financial Sector Reforms in Developing Economies2015Member, Organising CommitteeUGC
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