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Name Dr. Papia Gupta
Designation Professor
Department Name PHILOSOPHY
Office Phone No +91 3222 298-312 / Centrex Extn. 312
Email ID
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Mobile No 9674477890
Personal Website
Address Department of Philosophy and the Life-World, Vidyasagar University, Midnapur 721102
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Educational Qualification              
Degree NameInstituteYear of passing/awarded
Career Profile / Teaching Experience        
Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and the Life-world, Vidyasagar University since 05.12.2009.
Reader, Department of Philosophy and the Life-world, Vidyasagar University, from 05.12.2006 to 04.12.2009.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy and the Life-world, Vidyasagar University from 04.09.2002 to 04.12.2006.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Prabhat Kumar College, Contai, East Midnapore from 05.12.2001 to 03.09.2002.
Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Prabhat Kumar College, Contai, East Midnapore from 04.09.1997 to 04.12.2001.
Specialization/Research Area
Field of SpecializationResearch Area/ Areas of Interest
Indian Philosophy,Applied Ethics,Philosophy of RABINDRNATH, Philosophy of VIVEKANANDA
Course/ Subject Taught 
Indian Logic, Indian Metaphysics, Western Ethics, Existentialism, Applied Ethics.
Conference/ Symposium /Journal Paper / Books Published
International Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Prachin Nyaya Mot Anusarane Pramaner Pramanya BicharPhilosophy and the Life-world, Vol-20, 2017-2018, PP.-55 ISSN-0975-84612018Vidyasagar University
Sustainable Development : A Buddhist ApproachISSN: 2455-5916(online), International Journal of Research on Social and Natural Science, 2016, pp-38-432016Katwa College
Status of Tribal Women in India: Some ObservationsISSN: 2455-6319(online), Anudhyan: An International Journal of Social Science Vol: 1, No:1, 2016, pp. 181-188,2016Raja Narendralal Khan Women's College

National Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Rabindra Monone Mrityu Chetonar UttoranISSN: 0975-8461, Philosophy and the Life-world, Vol.-19, 2016-2017, pp. 76-87,2017Vidyasagar University
Atmar swarup bisoye charvaka o prachin nyayer bibad : ekti sanksipta alochonaISBN: 978-93-84241-36-0,Self, Consciousness and Body : A comparative reflections in Indian and Western Philosophy, pp. 128-135,2017Bajkul Milani Mahavidyalaya
Relevance of Ethics in the Field of MediaISSN: 0975-8461, Philosophy and the Life-world, Vol.18, 2015-2016, pp. 83-91,2016Vidyasagar University
Paribesh bhabna: Sampratik samoy o BuddhadebISSN:2321-158X, Samaj Jijnasa, Vol.-9, 20162016Vidyasagar Centre for Social Science
Purusartharupe Kama: Ekti Samksipta KathanPrasanga Purusartha, Ed. by Sarbani Banerjee, pp-73, ISBN:97893820392112016Rabindrabharati University
Sri Ramkrishnas Practical Philosophy : A Glimpse of KathamritaPhilosophy And the Life-world Vol -17 ISSN 0975-84612015Vidyasagar University
The Status of Women in Ancient India: An ObservationISBN No: 978-93-80332-80-2, Does Human Right Exist?2015Manav Prakashan, Kolkata
A-monusyoshrenir Pranir Adhikar Rokshar DaayboddhotaISBN: 978-93-85248-03-0, Prokriti, Ed. By Dr. Monanjali Bandyopadhyay2015N.S.S. Unit-III, Vidyasagar University
Swami Vivekanander Bhabnaai Narir KhomotayonISSN 0975-8461,Philosophy And The Life-World, Vol. 16, 2014Vidyasagar University
Abortion From The Perspective Of Buddhist EthicsISSN: 2319-4634,The Philosophical Quest, Bilingual And Bi-Annual Philosophical Journal, Vol: 1 , Year 3, Jan-June, 20142014xxx

Other Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Concept of Punishment in MahabharataGood Governance- Some Ethical Issues2018Progressive Publishers
Acharya Brajendra Nath Sealer Bhabnay BharatbarsaSamajjiggnasa 8th Vol- 2014 ISSN:2321-158X2014Vidyasagar Centre for Social Science

Books Published
Ph. D. Thesis Guidance
Ongoing / Submitted Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Smt. Arpita Chaoni.Media & its Impact on society: Ethical Perspective.N.A.Ongoing 
Dayamoy MajhiA Study of Sabda Pramana in Nyaya-vaisesika PhilosophyN.A.Ongoing 
Anjan Kumar MandalAbhava as a Separate Category in Vaisesika Philosophy: Issues and ChallengesN.A.Ongoing 
Moumita PramanikAn Approach to the Theories of Sabdasakti and Its ImportDr. Piyali PalitOngoing 
Shampa RoySankaras Contribution to the Philosophy of Moksa (Liberation): A Critical EvalutionProf. Prabhat Kumar MisraOngoing 
Rajkumar PanditThe Relevance of Buddhist Environmental Ethics in Modern World Ongoing 
Sujit MaitySamkhya & Nyaya theory of Causality: A Comparative Study Ongoing 

Awarded Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Tania BhattacharyyaPrachina Nyaya Mate Kathar SwarupaDr. Bhupendra Chandra DasAwarded2019
Smt. Sarmila Bandyapadhyaya.Rabindra darshane Mrityu.N.A.Awarded2018
Sri Aolke Bhunia.Nyaya mote Anumiti Samikhsha.N.A.Awarded2015
Dr. Dibakar Manna.Mon Sonkranto somosya; Nyaya-Vaisesika Siddhanta.Dr. Tapan Kumar chakraborty.Awarded2014
Invited Lectures 
TitleOrganized byVenueYear
Sartre’s Existentialism & Its Ethical RelevanceDepartment of Philosophy, BJB Autonomous CollegeBJB Autonomous College, Bhubaneswar, Odisha-751014.2018
The Relevance of Buddhist Morality in Modern World: A Critical AnalysisDept. of Philosophy, Plassey CollegePlassey College, Plassey, Nadia.2018
Buddhist Code Of Ethics and Peaceful Co-existence: An OverviewDept. of Philosophy, Gaurbanga University.Gaurbanga University.2018
Status Of Women in Higher Education as Victim of Gender Discrimination: Issues and ChallengesJamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.2018
Moral Conflicts in Mahabharata : An ObservationDept. of PhilosophyPingla Thana Mahavidyalaya, Paschim Medinipur, W.B.2017
Association with Professional Bodies
Type of Professional ActivityPeriod
Director2018 to 2019
Deputy Director2017 to 2018
Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended/Organised

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended

Title of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopYearRoleHeld at and Organiser
International Conference on Eternal India: Peace and Harmony, Lecture Delivered on 11th Jan, 2018.2018Paper PresenterBijay krishna Girls College, Howrah
21 days Winter School on Gender Equity: Status, Ideologies and Future Challenges, Lecture Delivered on 24th Jan, 2018.2018Paper PresenterWomen’s Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University
Philosophy, Science and Technology, 21st Dec, 20172017Paper PresenterDepartment of Philosophy and the Life-world, Vidyasagar University
Modern Trends in Indian Philosophy2017Paper PresenterDept. of Philosophy and The Life-World, Vidyasagar University
Ethical Activities and Values–Reflection from Different Philosophy, 5th-6th Jan’ 2017 delivered on 13th Jan’ 20172017Paper PresenterPingla Thana Mahavidyalaya, Paschim Medinipur, W.B.

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Organised

Title of the Conference/Seminar/WorkshopYearRole in the EventFunding Agency
Philosophy, Science and Technology2017Head, Dept. of Philosophy & the Life-worldI.C.P.R,New Delhi
Philosophical Perspectives Of Tribal Religion2015Joint CoordinatorUGC
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