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Name Prof. Susanta Kumar Chakraborty
Designation Professor
Department Name ZOOLOGY
Office Phone No +91 3222 298-284 / Centrex Extn. 284
Email ID
Fax -
Mobile No 9433270591
Personal Website
Address Department of Zoology,Vidyasagar University,Mednipur Pin 721102
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Educational Qualification              
Degree NameInstituteYear of passing/awarded
Ph.D. (Marine Sc.)University of Calcutta1992
M.Phil (Env. Sc.)University of Calcutta1984
M.Sc (Zoo)University of Calcutta1981
B.Sc (Zoo H)University of Calcutta1979
Career Profile / Teaching Experience        
Current: Professor of Zoology,Vidyasar University,Midnapore, since 6th February,2004 till date
1. Lecturer in Zoology in Sripat Singh College, Jiaganj, Murshidabad from 1st July, 1988 to 31st July, 1989.
2. Lecturer in Zoology in Krishnath College, Berhampur, Murshidabad from 17th November, 1989 to 28th February, 1991.
3. Lecturer in Zoology in Vidyasagar University, Midnapore from 4th March, 1991 to 6th February, 1996.
4. Reader in Zoology in Vidyasagar University, Midnapore from 7th February, 1996 to 6th February, 2004.
Specialization/Research Area
Field of SpecializationResearch Area/ Areas of Interest
Ecology;Biodiversity assessment and management;Wetland-Coastal,Estuarine and Ecosystem ;Vermitechnology;Environmental Impact assessment
Ecology and Environmental Management
Ecology;Biodiversity assessment and management;Wetland-Coastal,Estuarine and Ecosystem ;Vermitechnology;Environmental Impact assessment
Course/ Subject Taught 
Environmental Science
Conference/ Symposium /Journal Paper / Books Published
International Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Pseudochromadora benepapillata (Timm 1961) comb. n. (Desmodoridae: Nematoda): Revision of its taxonomic status and distribution .Zootaxa 4425 (1): 165–174.2018Magnolia Press
) Biomonitoring role of some cellular markers during heat stress-induced changes in highly representative fresh water mollusc, Bellamya bengalensis: Implication in climate change and biological adaptation.Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 157: 482–4902018Elsevier
Impact of metal accumulation pattern on the annual rhythmicity of antioxidants and their interrelationship to maintain the oxidative balance in mollusk.Biological Rhythm Research 1744-4179.2018Taylor and Francis
Assessment of microbial roles in the bioconversion of paper mill sludge through vermicompostingJ Environ Health Sci Engineer . Nature
Community structure of benthic mollusks in contrasting ecozones of a transboundary river in India: An ecological interpretationInternational Journal of Life Sciences Research 6 ( 3) : 233-2382018IJLSR
Habitat preference and resource utilization of avifauna in Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha, India: Role of eco-ethological gradientsWorld Scientific News. 103 : 32-64.2018Ministry of Higher Science and Education, Poland.
Forest, wetland and biodiversity: Revealing multi-faceted ecological services from ecorestoration of a degraded tropical landscapeEcohydrology and Hydrobiology, 18(3): 278-296.2018Elsevier
Antioxidant and anticancer roles of a novel strain of Bacillus anthracis isolated from vermicompost prepared from paper mill sludge.Biomedical Research International .Vol-2018; Article ID 1073687: PP : 1-7.2018Hindawi
Bioinvasion and environmental perturbation : Synergistic impact on coastal – mangrove ecosystems of West Bengal, IndiaImpacts of invasive species on coastal environments: Coast in crisis; edited by Makowski, C and Finkl, C and published by Springer International Publishing AG part of Springer, Nature) : 171-245.2018Springer Nature
Relevance of meiobenthic research: Indian PerspectivesExamines in Marine Biology and Oceanography. 1(4): 1-5.2018Crimson

National Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Vermicomposting-A New Vista for Livelihood Generation and Environmental Management: Case Studies from South West Bengal,India.I.K. International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi : 144-158.2018I.K.International Publishing House Pvt.Ltd.
Ecological gradients determining the Zooplankton-Macrophyte interaction and diversity in brackish water wetlands of Midnapore(East), West Bengal, IndiaInternational Journal of Advanced Scientific Research and Management, 3(5):118-124.2018IJASRM
). Of Honeyguides and Humans – a unique interspecific association formed over honeyScience and Culture 83(3­4): 103­ 107.2017Indian Science News Association
Citizen Science can benefit Native BeesEveryman’s Science . 51(6)2017Indian Science Congress Association
Indigenous and introduced honeybees of India: brief overview of interactionENVIS Newsletter.23(2):5-102017Zoological Survey of India
Pollinators Unknown: People’s Perception of Native Bees in an Agrarian District of West Bengal, India, and Its Implication in ConservationTropical Conservation Series 10: 1-14.2017SAGE
Positive impact of a bio-invasive host plant on butterfly diversity: The other side of the coinEnvis Newsletter. 23(1):5-8.2017Zoological Survey of India
First report of Ptycholaimellus macrodentatus (Timm, 1961) (Nematoda: Chromadorida) from Indian coast.Rec. Zool. Surv. India: Vol. 117(3): 274-281.2017Zoological survey of India
Biocycling of Fractional Fatty Acid Components of Lipids in Mangrove-Benthic Systems, in Midnapore (East) Coast, IndiaExamines in Marine Biology and Oceanography1(2):1-13.2017Crimson
Positive impact of a bio-invasive host plant on butterfly diversity: the other side of the coinENVIS Newsletter.23(1):5-8.2017Zoological Survey of India

Other Publication
TitlePublished inYearPublished by
Mangrove Ecosystem of Sundarbans, India: Biodiversity, Ecology, Threats and ConservationMangroves: Ecology, Biology and Taxonomy. Edt. by James N. Metras2011NOVA publisher, USA: 83-112.
Rural development through participatory bio-resource management - case study from Midnapore DistrictPerspectives of Rural Development Problems and Prospects. Edt. By Rajatkanti Das et al2006Indian Anthropological Society and Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University.150-160
Vermicomposting –A new vista in rural development.Perspectives of Rural Development Problems and Prospects. Edt. By Rajatkanti Das et al2006Indian Anthropological Society and Department of Anthropology, Vidyasagar University.188-194.
Biodiversity Conservation: Issues on local faunal diversity.Extension Strategy on Natural Resource Management. Edt. by Dr. Sankar Acharya2006Department of Agriculture, Bidhan Chakdra Krishi Viswavidyalaya. 523-539
Distribution of coliform bacteria in different estuaries of West Bengal Coast, IndiaProtected Habitats and Biodiversity. Edt. by A. Kumar, J. R. Dhanze, A.K. Chopra and D.S. Malik2004Natcon publication: 395-402.
Invasive species in Sundarbans Mangrove Ecosystem, India.Fish Diversity in Protected Habitats, Edts. by S. Ayyappan, D.S. Malik, R. Dhanze and R.S. Chauhan2004Natcon publication: 219-240.
Ecological Status of Jamboo Island- A Vergin Mangrove Island in South East Sundarbans, West Bengal, India.Protected Habitats and Biodiversity. Edt. By A.Kumar, J.R.Dhanze, A.K.Chopra and D.S.Malik,2004Natcon publication: 403-408.
Environmental monitoring with special emphasis on bio-monitoring-- a prerequisite for sustainable environmental management: A case study in Darkeswar river of South West Bengal, India.Environment Pollution and Management.Edt. by A. Kumar, C.Bhora and L.K.Sing.2003Ashish Publishing Corporation, New Delhi: 87-103.
Biodiversity and ConservationPerspectives and Issues in Environmental Studies A.D.Mukhopadhyay2003Vidyasagar University: 267-286.
Environmental perturbation with regard to water quality and fishery resources of river Rupnarayan :a potential threat from a thermal power plant, West Bengal, India.Sustainable Development and Cold Water Fish Genetic Resources Edt. by P. Das, S.R.Verma, J.R. Dhanze and D. S. Malik2002Natcon publication: 155-172.

Books Published
Title of the BookPublished byYearRole
Fish Biodiversity and Conservation: The Approach and Strategy ISBN:978-93-85822-20-9Krishi Sanskriti Publications,New Delhi-110068,India2018Co-Author
Biodiversity & Productivity of Fish: Techno social & Management Approach.Agrotech Publishing Acadamy2008Co-author
Vermitechnology and Sericulture technology.Vidyasagar University2003Co-author
A manual for the assessment of biodiversity. A follow up of the National Agricultural Technology project (NATP),ICAR, CMFRI Special Publication No. 832003Co-author
Ph. D. Thesis Guidance
Ongoing / Submitted Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Mr.Santunu GharaDiversity of Forest dwelling insects of East and West Midnapore District with special emphasis on Biomonitoring and Pollination.NoneOngoing2016

Awarded Ph. D. Thesis
Scholar NameThesis TitleCo SupervisorStatusComplete in Year
Mr. Hirulal PakhiraHydrobiological study of Subarnarekha river with special reference to heavy metals contamination in West Bengal, IndiaNoneAwarded2020
Ms. Manjishtha BhattacharyyaPollinator Bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) of Midnapore districts: studies into their diversity, foraging behaviour and response to pesticide pollution in two contrasting habitats viz. lateritic and coastal mangrove belts.Dr. Shankar Acharya,Professor of Agriculture Extension, BCKV, NadiaAwarded2019
Mr. Sujoy MiddyaEcologcal Assssment of Zooplankton and Bacteril Interactons in two Cotrasting Aquatic Excosystems Estuarineand Freshwater in South Westbengal, India Awarded2019
Ms. Subhashree MiddyaAssessment of ecological changes of zooplankton from macrophyte infested wetlands of Midnapore(West) District, India.NoneAwarded2019
Mr. Sayan BhattacharyaEcological study of intertidal meiobenthic fauna of Midnapore(East) coast, West Bengal, India.Dr. Dipak Tamili, Principal, Egra CollegeAwarded2019
Mr.Tridib Kumar DuttaIntertidal Meiofauna in the coastal tract of Midnapore(East),West Bengal with special emphasis on free living marine nematodes.NoneAwarded2018
Mr. Subhamoy DasBioecology of Segmentina (Polypylis) trochoidea (Benson, 1836) (Mollusca : Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Planorbidae)Dr. Debnarayan Ray, A.B.N. Seal Government College, CochbeharAwarded2016
Mrs.Sayantani PattanayakStudies on the role of selected soil fauna in the nutrient cycling in forest ecosystemDR. Partha Pratim Chakraborty, Associate Professor, Department of Zoology, R. N. L. Khan Girls CollegeAwarded2016
Mr. Sudipto Kumar GhoraiEcology and biology of Nemertines in intertidal mudflats of Talsari (Orissa), IndiaDr.Sachidananda Bhattacharrya, Retd. Associate Professor, Kharagpur CollegeAwarded2016
Mrs.Poulami SanyalHydrobiological and Geomorphological Study of Wetlands of Kolkata, West Bengal, IndiaDr.(Mrs) Sumana Bandhapadhaya, Professor of Geography, University of Calcutta.Awarded2016
Project Work

Completed Project Works
Project titleWorked asFunding AgencyAmount in Rs.Duration in yearsPeriod
Year to Year
Hydrobiological study of sub-surface water flow/storage water characteristics for creation of sustainable source of rain fed river for semi-arid and fluoride effected Blocks in connection with comprehensive water security plant under Purulia, Bankura and Birbhum districtsCoordinator & ConsultantPublic Health Engineering Department, Govt. of West Bengal.42200001 year20112012
Compilation,analysis and interpretation of water quality parameters of last five years during 2004-2010 of five rivers of West Bengal viz. Shilaboti, Rupnarayan,Subarnarekha, Dwarkeswar & Kansai.Principal InvestigatorWest Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata1000000 year and 6 months20102011
Water quality monitoring of five rivers of West Bengal viz. Kansai, Dwarkeswar, Subarnarekha, Shilabati and Rupnarayan.Principal InvestigatorWest Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata7840000 year and 6 months20102012
Hydrobiological and geomorphological studies of Subarnarekha and Kansai river basins and their interfluves (Purulia,Bankura,Purba and Paschim Midnapore districts)with special reference to environmental management.Principal InvestigatorWest Bengal Pollution Control Board, Kolkata16016002 year20102012
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Himshila Ferro Alloy Private Limited at Mirjapur, Bardwan, West BengalCoordinator & ConsultantS. H. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal3000002 year20092010
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Golden Casting and Ispat pvt. Ltd at Borjora, Bankura, West BengalCoordinator & ConsultantOctagon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal3250002 year20082009
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Salanpur Ferro Alloy Limited at Salanpur, Bardwan, West BengalCoordinator & ConsultantS. H. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal3500002 year20082009
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Times Ferro Alloy Limited at Borjora, Bankura, West BengalCoordinator & ConsultantOctagon Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal3000002 year20082009
Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment (REIA) report of Cosmic Ferro Alloy Limited at Ghutgoria, Borjora, Bankura, West Bengal.Coordinator & ConsultantS. H. Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, West Bengal1250001 year20072008
Impact of vermicompost produced by indigenous vermitechnology on aquaculture.Principal InvestigatorUniversity Grant Commission.9766003 year20062009
Membership of Learned Society 
Life member of Zoological Society of India, Kolkata.
Life member of Marine Biological Association of India, Kochi, Kerala.
Life member of Indian Science Congress, New Delhi.
Life member of Nature Conservator, Muzzafarnagar, U.P.
Life member of Indian Fisheries Association, Mumbai.
Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended/Organised

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Attended

Title of the Seminar/Conference/WorkshopYearRoleHeld at and Organiser
Coastal Ecodynamics of West Bengal: Perturbations and Sustainable Eco-Management2018SpeakerWinter School in Biological Sciences on 30th January,2018 for the College and University teachers.University of Berhampur
A Glimpse of Biology beyond Textbooks2018SpeakerDepartment of Zoology, Pingla Thana Mahavidyalaya, Maligram, Pashim Medinipur, West Bengal
the Regional Science and Technology Congress(RSTC),Western Region2017SpeakerUniversity of Burdwan
Eco-Molecular excellence of an intertidal benthic Nemertean from West-Bengal coast with an emphasis on its fishery and aquaculture potential.2017Presented PaperZoological Society , Kolkata in collaboration with Deapartment of Zoology, University of Calcutta
Zooplankton populations as bioindicators of macrophyte-rich healthy freshwater wetlands2016Presented PaperZoological Society , Kolkata in collaboration with Deapartment of Zoology, University of Calcutta

Conference /Seminar/Workshop Organised

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