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Vice Chancellor :

Professor Ranjan Chakrabarti

MA , Ph.D. JU, Cal.

+91 3222 275329 (Off)

Professor Ranjan Chakrabarti (MA, Ph.D. JU, Cal.) is at present the Vice-Chancellor of Vidyasagar University and formerly Professor and Head of the Department of history, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. Professor Chakrabarti, formerly a Senior Fulbright Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University, USA (1994-95), is one of the earliest scholars in India to undertake researches in the history of crime, criminality, protest and environmental history of colonial India. In 1997, Professor Chakrabarti was awarded the prestigious Charles Wallace Fellowship at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) to explore the social and cultural implications of power and the exercise of colonial power in such social or cultural spaces or sites such as the forest and its animals. He is a member of the editorial board of Global Environment (Florence, Italy www.globalenvironment.it). At different points of time in his career he either taught or lectured at Brown University, London University, Roskilde University (Denmark), Centre of South Asian Studies (SOAS, London), Australian National University in Canberra, Sydney University of Technology, West Virginia University, Morgantown (USA), Rachael Carson Center (Munich), the German Historical Institute (Paris and Washington D. C.), Academia Sinica (Taiwan) and other institutions in India and abroad. Professor Chakrabarti is an internationally acclaimed historian with interest in environmental history and related areas like history of science and technology. Besides a large number of research articles in learned national and international journals and edited volumes, he has authored Authority and Violence in Colonial Bengal (1998). Professor Chakrabarti’s other major publications include Terror, Crime and Punishment (Kolkata: Readers Service, 2010), Situating Environmental History (Delhi: Manohar, 2007), Does Environmental History Matter? (Calcutta: Readers Service, 2006), Random Notes on Modern Indian History (Calcutta: Readers Service, 2006 and 2008), Space and Power in History (Calcutta: Penman, 2001), Political Economy and Protest (Calcutta: Firma, 1997) and Jadavpur University Journal of History (2002, 2003).

Professor Chakrabarti was awarded Alexander O.Vietor Memorial Fellowship at Brown University for two months in 2004. He was a member of the International Preparatory and Programme Committees of the World Congress of Environmental History held in Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2009. (www.wceh2009.org). He has been twice awarded the Alfred Bell Fellowship (2007 and 2009) at the Forest History Society (USA) to work on Deforestation and Wildlife in Colonial and Post-colonial India. He was a member of the State (Govt. of West Bengal, India) Level Committee for the celebration of the 150th year of the Revolt of 1857. Professor Chakrabarti is a member of several UGC committees and a nominee of the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Govt of India to Central Universities/Institutes. He is also the Visitor’s (President of India’s) nominee to Mizoram University (A Central University).