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Gandhian Studies Centre:


The Gandhian Studies Centre, Vidyasagar University, has been sanctioned by the University Grants Commission under the Ninth Plan programme, for a period of five years at the first instance The Centre, the first of its kind in West Bengal, has started its functioning from June 1999. It has been located in the Department of Political Science with Rural Administration though it draws ion the intellectual resources of other Departments as well, particularly Departments of History, and philosophy and life World. Professor Swapan Kumar Pramanick is the chairman of the Centre, and Professor Tarun Kumar Banerjee is its Director


The Centre proposes, as per the UGC guidelines, (i) to organize seminars, workshops and lecture series ion various aspects of Gandhian thought, including other relevant contemporary issues seen from the Gandhian perspective; (ii) to conduct a Six month’s Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought; (iii) to publish the proceedings of the seminars, workshops as well as lectures to be delivered periodicallhy; (iv) to conduct research / studies ion Gandhian thought, movements, and other related themes ; (v) to hold Summer/ Winter camps on Gandhian Though for the students of the University.

Activities of the Centre

Since its inception the Centre has been engaged in the following activities.

A. Occassional Lecture

"Building Community Leasers for Resource Management – Working People’s Priorities” by Sri Rajendra Singh of Tarun Bharat Sangh of Rajasthan, and a Magsaysay Awardee 2001, on 21 January 2002.
"Contexualising the Gandhian era in India’s Freedom Movement” by Dr. Suparna Das, Reader in History, Calcutta University ion 29 November 2005.
"Gandhi and the Concept of Peace” by Dr. Rajkumar Kothari, Lecturer in Political Science, Vidyasagar University, Midnapore on 14 December 2005.
"Gandhi on Environment” by Professor Arun Bandyopadhyay, Nurul Hasan Professor of History, Calcutta University on 21 December 2005.
"Gandhi ion Communal Amity” by Sri Supriyo Munshi, Secretary, Barrackpore Gandhi Memorial Sangrahalaya, on 18 January 2006.
"Little Gandhis in Bengal” by Dr. Jahar Sen (Retd.) Professor of History, Calcutta University on March 2006.

Study Camp

The second three-day State-level Study Camp on Gandhian Thought was organised in collaboration with Gandhi Vichar Parishad, Bankura, West Bengal from 13 to 15 April 2002.
A three-day Winter Study Camp on “Gandhian Ideas and Movements” was held from 21 to 23 January 2006. Professor Tarun Kumar Banerjee was the Director of all the camps.


A three-day Seminar on “Rural Reorganisation: Gandhian Alternatives” was organised by the Centre in collaboration with Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Government of India from 21-23 February 2006.

Research Project

The Centre undertook a Minor Research Project on Gandhi in the Eyes of Veteran Gandhians: An Exploration through Oral History (Case Studies of Bankura, Midnapore and Purulia) from 1 September 2001 to 31 August 2002. A Research Team was formed for the purpose. Professor Tarun Kumar Banerjee, Director of the Centre was the Project Coordinator.


"Life and Philosophy of Gandhiji” by Sushil Kuamr Dhara.
"The Problem of Rural Development in India: Gandhian Perspectives” by Sailesh Kumar Bandyopadhyaya.
"Tagore and Gandhiji” by Bhabani Prasad Chattopadhya.
"Post-Development Theory and Gandhian Development Thought” by Mohit Bhattacharya.
"Gandhi and the Indian Liberals” by Asok Mukhopadhyay.
"Gandhi on Individual, Society and State” by Rakhahari Chatterjee.
Gandhi and Profesor Mirmal Kumar Bose” by Rajat Kanti Das.
"Building Community Leasers for Resource Management – Working People’s Priorities” by Sri Rajendra Singh
"Gandhi and the Concept of Peace” by Dr. Rajkumar Kothari.
"Little Gandhis in Bengal” by Dr. Jahar Sen.

Six-month’s Certificate Course in Gandhian Thought

The classes of the Second certificate course commenced on and from 9 November 2005 to 1 February 2006. The classes were held on each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-11 a.m. like the previous course, the counsellors comprised the PG teachers of the departments of History, Philosophy and Political Science. The Examination of the course was held on 8 March 2006.

Visiting Fellowship

Profesor Sandip Das, formerly of the Departmwent of Philosophy, Ulberia College, Howrah, West Bengal, and Visiting Fellow, Institute of Gandhian Studies, Wardha, Maharashtra, worked as its Visiting Fellow from February to April 2002.

Director: Professor Tarun Kumar Banerjee M.A. , Ph. D. ,Department of Political Science with Rural Administration
Contact: 9474504456 / 9434397055(M)