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Department of Zoology :

About the department :

         The department of Zoology was established in the year 1990 with one Professor and two Lecturers.

         The academic programme was then supported by a number of eminent faculty members from different Universities and R & D Institutes.

         Since then it has developed its infrastructure and academic aspect in the aid of the local and distant students. Hundreds of students have passed out each year. Several research projects have been undertaken by the faculty for the benefit of not only students, research scholars but the rural society as well.

         Presently the department has two general and three special paper laboratories, a molecular biology laboratory, two classrooms, a computer centre, a departmental library and a continuous flow aquarium house.

         Present faculty strength is 7; 2 Professors, 3 Readers and 2 Lecturers.

         Initial intake capacity for M.Sc. was 35 students.

         Present intake capacity is 45 students.


Special Events : Seminars/workshops/trainings conducted during the last 5 years

Date of Conducted
Sponsors / Funding Support


“Induced breeding of Indian Major Carps to motivate rural youth”

19th -21st July, 2005

CADC and Vidyasagar University

National Seminar

"Frontiers in Zoological Sciences”

30th March, 2006



“Ornamental fish breeding, rearing, management and stock assessment of aquatic resources”

1st -7th March, 2006

Govt. of West Bengal, Vidyasagar University and Latika Fish food Pvt. Ltd.


“Induced breeding of Indian Major Carps”

25th -29th July, 2006

CADC and Vidyasagar University


Courses :

  1. M. Sc. in Zoology both in Regular and Distance mode.
  2. M. Sc. in Aquaculture Management and Technology.

Milestones :

  1. The department has been identified by DRS during 2003-2004 for level – 1
  2. The department has been accredited by DST FIST

Publications of the department (in last 5 years) :

Research papers







Special contributions of faculty members ( The faculty of the department have significant contribution in research areas especially ) :-

  1. Vermitechnology and coastal management
  2. Soil zoology
  3. Zooplankton Biodiversity
  4. Fish thymus and olfactory study
  5. Aquaculture and fish nutrition
  6. Human genome analysis (Santal population)
  7. Vector biology

         Future plans:

1.      The department has planned to emphasize on the following aspects:-

         Biodiversity analysis and management in south West Bengal.

         Genetic characterization of important bioresources.

         Development of organic farming

         Environmental Impact Assessment

         Aquaculture in Rain fed  fish pond of South West Bengal

         Hands on Training and awareness programme on application of technical knowledge to rural people.

2.      To establish a SIF(sophisticated Instrumentation facility) center under Department of Zoology ( approx. cost Rs. 3.5 crores)

3.      To establish a separate well equipped research lab with instruments and apparatus in well-working condition.

4.      To procure and install instruments relating to molecular biology, analytical ecology, fishery, histology and biotechnology.

5.      To develop model classroom for at least 50 students equipped with all audiovisual and teaching aids.

6.      To get additional sanction for strengthening the departmental library.

7.      To have uninterrupted power supply for laboratories and instruments



1.      The departmental infrastructural facility is supported by DST-FIST programme during 2003-08.

2.      Our department has receieved DST project, UGC infrastructural support and also got UGC research fellowships.

3.      Departmental faculty members regularly attend and chair National and International Seminars, Conferences, Meetings in India and abroad.

4.      Several faculty members are associated with Board of Research and Board of Studies of Universities, UPSC, etc. as Expert members and advisors.

5.      Departmental faculty is actively engaged in collaborative research works with various national/ international universities/ institutes.